About Us

About Us

ECM, even though started in 2017 has many years of experience in residential, commercial and industrial heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR). Founder Keith Didychuk, well known for his unmatched problem-solving skills and ability to find the route of the problems, started ECM to give more economical solutions to homeowners and business owners for their HVACR needs. Keith started full time in the trade-in 2001. He has never stopped learning and earned his Certified Energy Managers (CEM) designation from the Association of Energy Engineers and continues upgrading and adding skills to his portfolio.

About UsKeith is passionate about his job, the environment, and humanity. With these at the forefront, Keith is not only great at his job but also helps people afford the essentials for getting by day to day; which makes ECM your truly home town HVAC contractor.

With Keith looking at ways to help the world and not leaving his home town without someone they can truly trust to be fair and honest, Keith brought Colin McEachern on to look after the HVAC side of things. Colin, tired of being a number to bigger companies, was looking for a way to grow. And what better way than to invest in your own future? Both Keith and Colin saw a win, win situation for themselves, and started working together in the fall of 2019.

Colin being young and eager, came on with ECM to take over the residential and light commercial side of ECM and grow it to better serve our home towns. Colin shares the home town contractor feeling and passion to help the people as Keith does.

Together we can do more!