Relation Between HVAC System Upgrade And Home Addition

Home renovations become popular when you want to make a major adjustment to your home and you want to change the look and increase the overall value of your home. But to do this you may need to check whether your current HVAC system has enough capacity to cool and heat this new addition.

While upgrading your HVAC system, you need to think of what components you will need for these upgrades. You will need more ductwork, new pipes, and radiators. You may even need to buy a whole new HVAC system if these upgrades do not work efficiently.

Before buying a new HVAC system or upgrading your current one, you should do some calculations to ensure that the new unit or the new upgrades will be beneficial or not. You should consult a professional for these calculations as many factors are included in these calculations, and you may not be able to calculate them all correctly.

Consult a specialist from ECM Corporation, one of the best AC companies in Kingston, Ontario, for such calculations. After doing these calculations, you can consider one of these three options for the proper cooling and heating of your home addition:

Expanding Your Current System

If the calculations favor your current HVAC system, there is no need to buy a new AC and expand your current AC to meet your needs. For forced air, the expansion involves having new ductwork and air supplies connecting to the existing ductwork system. For the boiler system, the expansion involves installing the new pipes and radiators connecting to the current pipework system.

Upgrading Your Current System

If the calculations do not favor your current system, you may have to upgrade the components of your current HVAC system. Contact ECM Corporation for the proper upgrading of your HVAC system.

Some of the benefits of upgrading your current HVAC system include:

  • Upgrading your system ensures that the efficiency and working of the AC are up to the mark. Proper upgrading increases the efficiency of the AC, and it works better than before.
  • Upgrading the old parts of your AC ensures no sudden rise in your electricity bill. Old AC parts consume more electricity than the upgraded ones, so your bill amount remains stable and low.
  • The best part of upgrading your AC is the new warranty of the upgraded parts. These warranties save a lot of money in the future servicing of the AC.

Buying a New HVAC System

If your current system cannot support the new home addition even after the upgrades, you have to buy a new system to meet the needs. It is the last solution if none of the above methods work.

If you want to consult one of the best AC companies in Kingston, Ontario for all these works, contact ECM Corporation and trust them with all your needs. They provide AC and heating services Kingston with satisfied customers all over the area. Their trained staff will ensure that your AC is upgraded appropriately with the latest equipment that would fit in your new home.