How to Remit Common AC Issues?

Air conditioners are an important part of our home. Every residential and commercial space has air conditioners for pleasant daily functioning. Just like any other devices or gadgets, air conditioners also get damaged or face problems in doing their job. As an air conditioner is made up of multiple little components, it can be hard to get to the root of the problem. 

Issues arising with the functioning of the air conditioner can be either common or highly intense, requiring the aid of an AC contractor in Kingston, Ontario. Some common issues can be addressed by yourself; however, it is always advisable to call for a professional first. An air conditioner consists of various parts like coils, motor fans, filters, refrigerants, etc. It can be tricky to know your way around the equipment without experienced help.

Dealing with Common Issues

The homeowner himself can inspect common problems faced in air conditioners. As an air conditioner is a mechanical device, it can have glitches due to excessive functioning or some kind of blockage. Below are some common air conditioner problems and how to address them – 

  • Dirty Filters

One of the most common issues occurring in an air conditioner is dirty filters. The AC filters accumulate all the dust and dirt from the air and get clogged if not changed at intervals. You can change filters according to the instructions of your technician or call them directly for a fix.

  • Hot Air Instead of Cold

Another common issue faced is the blowing of warm air from your air conditioners. Most of the time, there is an error with the thermostat or blockage in the system. You can adjust the thermostat settings and check if its batteries are changed. For the blockage problem, you can call an AC contractor in Kingston, Ontario.

  • Dirt on Condenser Coils

As the condenser coils are on the outside, dust and debris can get collected. You can clean the unit with a water hose, but a technician will have to clean them with a chemical cleaner if they are extremely dirty.

  • Refrigerant Leakage

The leakage of the coolant can create a problem with the temperature. The location of the leak can be inspected and repaired by an HVAC technician.

  • Broken Breaker or Fuse

Whenever a motor dies, you should check for a broken breaker or fuse as they prevent the system from overheating. Fix an appointment with a technician and get it fixed for a smooth air conditioner.

AC Contractors know What’s Best

The internet can always help in fixing problems occurring on any device or system. However, it is a smart move to always consult or call a professional for the job. Handling the system on your own can lead to further damages to the unit. 

For seamless AC repair or AC maintenance, you can call ECM, one of the best AC contractors in Kingston, Ontario. We provide an array of HVAC and air-quality related services. Our team is highly experienced and ready to serve you any time of the day. Call us on (613) 453-6248 for a fix!