Why Heat Pump is a Perfect Spring Installation

It’s the time of the year when we are caught between the chilly winter and the hot summer. With this perfect weather, instead of being lazy, it’s best to be productive and bring some changes to our homes. With the climate patterns changing, our comfort levels would be hit. Therefore it’s time to make our homes more comfortable and livable.

 A heat pump is a perfect alternative to the traditional AC unit and furnace, and it only brings benefits to the houses that have already installed it.


  • A heat pump is a two in one unit – A heat pump is both an air conditioner and heating unit at the same time. It can switch between heating and cooling. And it’s energy-efficient to use one device with both functions rather than two separate devices that cost a lot of energy. If you are switching from AC and furnace, make sure they are about the same age and in the same condition. It’s not cost-effective to use the heat pump for only one function.
  • Heat pumps don’t create heat; they transfer heat from one place to another. In winter, they collect heat from the outside and move it inside, and in summer, they move it outside. There’s a drawback to this as the heat pump’s efficiency reduces in places with extreme dropping temperatures in winter. But we don’t have to worry about that in Kingston. For more details contact any heating services in Kingston.
  • A perfect alternative to electric furnaces – An electric furnace uses more electricity. A heat pump in heating mode uses less and helps save a lot of money. Heating services in Kingston, ONwill have the best heat pumps available. 

Maintenance and repair:

Since a heat pump has the functions of both an AC and a heating unit, it works all year round. To bring the most efficiency out of your heat pump, it is mandatory to schedule maintenance and necessary repair periods. 

Make sure to schedule a cooling checkup in the spring and a heating checkup in the fall. Contact nearby heating repairs in Kingston to check the financial requirements to repair both parts in emergencies. 

Take care of the heat pump in winter. Frost and snow can get piled on the heat pump as it operates outside. This could lead to the accumulation of snow or ice inside the unit and damage the fan, fins, and coils. Some problems include low defrosting, the outdoor fan not working, which leads to low heating efficiency. 

Other problems include low levels of refrigerant. The outdoor unit can get blocked by debris in the summer and ice and snow in the winter. Water can also leak into the unit from the roofs.

One method of maintenance is the cleaning and clearing the debris and snow from the unit’s surroundings. This can prevent the above problems from happening. While removing ice, do not use sharp and pointy objects. 

In the case of advanced issues, contact ECM corp for the best heating and cooling in Kingston. Our company can install and will take care of any problems regarding your heat pump.