Habits You Should Avoid To Ensure Lower Electricity Bills

Your AC is repaired and serviced, all the ducts are clean, the wirings are taken care of, and you are now using your AC without worrying. But, the electricity bill is higher than you expected. You ignore this and wait for the next bill, but it is higher than the previous one.

You think, why is my electricity bill off the charts? The AC is serviced and maintained, then why is it consuming so much electricity? The fault may be in your habits and not in the AC.

There are some things that AC owners do not take care of, and those things cause a hike in your electricity bill.

Here Are a Few Things You Can Consider As Reasons For This Rise:

  • Dirty Filters

Sometimes the technicians ignore the cleaning of filters while servicing. If the filters are clogged, the AC has to work harder to push the conditioned air into the home, and so it will consume more electricity. Ensure that the filters are clean and free from dust.

  • No Seasonal Tune-Up

You should ensure the seasonal tune-up of your AC at least twice a year. It will ensure that if there are any minor issues within the AC, they are taken care of quickly, and they do not take the form of any major damage that will cost the owner a fortune.

These minor issues consume a lot of electricity and increase the electricity bill, so seasonal tune-ups are necessary. Contact ECM Corporation, AC contractor, Kingston, Ontario for the seasonal tune-up of your AC.

  • Wrong Usage Of Thermostat

Setting the thermostat to the wrong temperature or not according to the temperature outside can take a toll on the electricity bill. Smart thermostats ensure that the AC works only when the members are in the house and set the temperature accordingly. The Smart thermostats help in keeping the electricity bill in check.

  • Improper Insulation

Your house should be well insulated; this ensures that the cool air in summers and warm air in winters do not leave your home. Ensure that your windows, doors, and walls have proper insulation so that the air from the AC does not leave.

If the air keeps on leaving the house, the AC will work for more hours to compensate for the leak, and the electricity bill will rise.

  • Upgrade The AC

If your AC is old and has not been working well for the last few years, you should consider upgrading its components. The components of your AC may have worn out even after their maintenance, so you should either upgrade its components or buy a new AC.

If you feel that your AC is not working efficiently and it may need any of the above points, contact ECM Corporation. They provide heating and cooling, Kingston services with top-quality work. Their experienced and trained staff will do proper servicing and tune-ups of your AC, and they have a vast range of the latest ACs to sell if you want to buy a new one.