Can I Run My AC Without a Filter? Answers From An AC Contractor

According to AC contractors in Kingston, Ontario, running an AC unit without a filter for a day is okay and less problematic; prolonging a filter’s absence can cause irreparable damage to the unit. A filter is there to act as a shield for your AC unit. It helps to purify the air inside homes and keeps the AC system free of dust and dirt. 

Before the air gets cooled and blown into your house, it passes through the filters made with tightly woven material that traps large and harmful materials like dust, pollen, and mold spores. Your home’s air quality is directly connected to your filters; without them, the air quality will reduce drastically.

If your filter is dirty and you need a replacement all AC company in Kingston, Ontario has a good collection of high-quality filters you can buy with discount rates. 

What are some problems that can arise in an AC unit without a filter? Here are some problems that will cause the efficiency of your unit to go down without a filter

Problems You’ll Face Without An AC Filter:

Condensate Drain:  

The filter in an AC unit keeps debris from accumulating on the condensate drain and clogging it, which can cause water damage to your system. What’s the role of the condensate drain?. It helps dehumidify the air inside your house by collecting all the condensate from the freon tubes and allowing it to drain out. Lack of a filter will not allow the efficient working of the drain.

Poor Air Quality: 

As mentioned above, the air quality inside homes depends completely on the quality and capacity of the filter. The filter’s main job is to filter out all the dust and debris in the air while it circulates inside the AC unit. Without a filter, these particles will remain in the air for long periods and can clog the inside of the AC unit and prevent airflow in the evaporator coils. In this case, replacement of the filter from AC company in Kingston, Ontario is mandatory.

Poor air quality and particles in the air can also cause many health problems like Asthma, throat and nose irritations, and infections if not treated properly. Asthma can also lead to other respiratory troubles like pneumonia.

Freon Tube: 

How does Freon tube work?. Freon tubes are copper tubes filled with freon. The AC unit passes air through these freon tubes into the outside environment. The tubes are wet and unfiltered air can cause debris and dust to accumulate inside the tubes and can cause the unit’s efficiency to go down.


Ductwork comes after the freon tubes in your AC unit. Any debris that wasn’t caught in the freon tubes can accumulate inside the ductwork’s aluminum tubes. This could lead to the build-up of moisture, creating a perfect place for mold to grow. The mold spores can pass into your house and can cause health problems. 

Therefore to answer the question is ‘no’, your AC won’t work efficiently without a proper filter. In the case of any advanced repair work or if you have any questions, feel free to contact EMC corp for help.