Boiler Replacement In Kingston, ON

Boiler Replacement in Kingston, Brockville, Belleville, ON and Surrounding Areas

Which One? Boiler Repair or Replacement?

Armed with present day technology, boilers that provide heat and hot water are a far cry from their old and clunky ancestors. At the turn of the 19th into the 20th century, steam was the only choice available, and you were considered quite well-to-do if your home was equipped with a boiler.

The principle remains the same however, technology has caught up with the boiler and current streamlined, digitally controlled boilers look anything but old and clunky. And just as your HVAC will need repair from time to time, so to will your boiler if this is how you have chosen to heat your home and your hot water supply.

Here are some issues that homeowners with boilers face when their unit needs repair. In some cases these repairs are not enough to address the problem and then ultimately you would be faced with having a boiler and heating repair in Kingston ON.

Boiler Not Producing Any Heat

When you wake up on one of those nice frosty winter mornings and realize you have no heat from your trusty boiler, first check the circuit breaker or the fuse for the problem. If the breaker has tripped or is otherwise in the off position, simply turn it back to the on position. If the fuse has blown, promptly replace it.

Also, at this time, check the water level inside the boiler. If it is low, open the main feed valve and allow it to fill until the PSI reaches 12. This should restart your boiler with no further problems. If not, then you might have deeper issues that require a professional such as the ones at ECM.

Boiler Only Produces Little Heat

If your boiler is running properly, but the amount of heat you are getting from your radiators is minimal, your boiler probably needs to be flushed. This is another boiler repair that you can do yourself, but if you aren’t really handy as a plumber you might want the ECM staff to assist you.

The best advice a homeowner with a boiler system can be given is this. If you have any doubts about your ability to handle any boiler repair, please contact a professional like those at ECM before your boiler repair turns into a boiler replacement. ECM provides one of the best service providers of heating and cooling Kingston.

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