7 Common Causes Your Furnace Is Not Blowing Hot Air

The homeowners of Kingston are probably pretty tired of the cold weather by now. No matter where you go to Kingston, you have to walk with the icy wind. That is why at the end of the day if you want a toasty warm space, that’s legit!

The last thing that you expect in Kingston during winter is your furnace blowing cold air. But unfortunately, a new furnace or the one recently had a furnace repair in Kingston, can cause this unpleasant surprise.

You can ECM for a furnace repair in Kingston if any such thing happens. We will fix your problem for free if the last repair date is under our warranty norms.

Though our HVAC technicians are there to help you, you need to know the possible reasons behind such a furnace problem. ECM is one of the best service providers of heating and cooling Kingston.

Why Your Furnace Is Not Generating Hot Air?

Incorrect Thermostat Setting

Do you always have a thermostat war going in your home? If so, someone may have changed your thermostat fan setting to ON instead of AUTO. And with such a setting, your thermostat will run continuously but without heating your home.

Change the thermostat setting back to AUTO and count your blessings that you could save money on expensive furnace repair.

Empty Fuel Tank 

If you have a gas or oil furnace, sometimes you may be out of fuel. Without fuel, your blower can keep circulating cold air as the burners fail to produce heat.

Overheated Device 

Have you changed your air filters? If not, then you are compromising with the airflow and also causing your furnace to overheat.

Clogged and dirty air filters abstain your furnace from blowing hot air. Change their filters right away and restart the furnace.

Valve Problem 

If the pilot is not lighting, there is perhaps a problem with the gas valve. If you don’t clean your system regularly, the valve could be stuck due to debris.

Call ECM for a quick furnace repair in Kingston by professional HVAC technicians.

Faulty Thermocouple 

If your pilot is going out even after relighting, again and again, you are probably dealing with a defective thermocouple, which is also causing your furnace to blow cold air.

The thermocouple controls the ignition and gas valve. And with ECM’s professional furnace repair Kingston, a faulty thermocouple is usually a simple fix.

Quenched Pilot Light 

This can happen with an older furnace. If you forget to keep an eye on the pilot light, it can go out. If you know how to relight your pilot yourself and are comfortable doing it, you may. If not, call ECM for the job.

Leaking Ducts

If hot air is escaping through the holes in the duct, your furnace will blow cold air. You need to call for a professional furnace repair in Kingston to inspect your ducts and fix the problem.

Many of these problems can be prevented with regular maintenance and cleaning of your heating device. If you haven’t done that yet this winter, call ECM to keep your system in top shape.

If your system is more than 15 years old, we suggest you go for a heating replacement in Kingston. We have a specialized team for furnace installation KingstonCall us and schedule a service.