3 Heating System Problems That Require Immediate Attention

As the winter gets chillier, you rely on your furnace to keep you warm and comfortable inside your home. And that is one of those most critical reasons why you should take care of your heating device more than anything else during winter.

If you have packed your furnace correctly after using it last winter, the unit still can get damaged without you realizing it. And it will stop working suddenly on one of the coldest days this winter.

At ECM, we believe no issue arises suddenly and makes your system break down or stop working altogether. And this unfortunate incident happens when the homeowners fail to understand the signs of a troublesome furnace.

As a professional heating repair in Kingston, ON, we recommend our customers to stay extra vigilant about their furnaces. And we have listed some signs when you should call us immediately.

3 Furnace Problems That Need Immediate Repair 

Strange Smells 

Your furnace may smell like fuel while turning on for the first time in a year, which dissipates as the unit runs. But, if you can notice the fuel smell to get stronger with time, you may have a furnace problem.

This smell can result from various issues such as:

  • Gas leakage
  • Excessive dust accumulation inside the unit
  • Growth of bacteria and mold in the vents

Call ECM for a professional inspection and heating repair in Kingston, ON. We determine the root cause of this problem and fix it.

Difficulty While Starting the Unit 

As your furnace ages, you may face trouble turning on the unit and keeping it running efficiently. If you have to try hard to start your unit or restart your furnace frequently throughout the day, you may need a repair.

This kind of problem arises from disconnected or loose wirings or a malfunctioning thermostat. Replacing the damaged components solves the issue. But you need to hire a professional to perform the inspection and troubleshooting.

ECM is a one-stop solution with all the heating services in Kingston; you need to keep your system in good shape. We are available to serve you 24/7, in just one call.

Inadequate Heating 

One of the most obvious signs that your system is not working is inadequate heating. If your furnace is not working at all or producing a lower heat level regardless of the thermostat setting, schedule a heating repair in Kingston, ON, with ECM.

The most common causes of inadequate heating are:

Our professional contractors detect the root causes of the problems and solve the issues.

Some Other Signs That Imply Your System Requires Immediate Heating Repair Are: 

  • Yellow pilot light
  • Unbearable noises
  • Poor air quality

Consult with ECM for your heating and cooling in Kingston. We are providing the most dependable HVAC services in Kingston and surrounding areas.

Schedule an inspection of your furnace before the winter. We are also available for emergency heating repair in Kingston, ON. Call us today!